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Gently hand-drawn pencil portraits for the infant loss community


Pencil Portrait Gallery.

Here are a few example of how other families have remembered and

shared their child(ren).



Certificate Of Life.

A Certificate of Life is a beautiful alternative for those families who were unable to obtain a birth certificate.  Every life is precious and every pregnancy and infant loss should be recognized.

8x10 Personalized Print $40

Certificate of Life

From what I can see behind my tears it is BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so so much!! I am at a loss for words, and that doesn’t happen often!  Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!



Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my portrait today and it is just amazing.  Thank you so very much, you are very talented and do a wonderful job for the angel mums out there.



Dana, we received Nikia’s portrait today.

how do you send such appreciation with simply words.  with tears, a smile…thank you,  from the depths of my heart,  thank you.  To be able to look at something…tangible, real that reminds me of how my girls looked.  and to have their portraits hanging in our family room,  together is simply breathtaking.



I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! The portrait is absolutely beautiful and Nicholas looks so peaceful in it. It has really helped to see him like this. I look forward to the day when our family expands and you can sketch another portrait for us under happier circumstances. You did an amazing job!


New York

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Personalized Prints.

Choose from the print collection below and personalize

with the wording of your choice.

8x10 Angel Print  ~  $30




Downloadable prints for your home.  

Tell your angel's story in a unique and beautiful way. 

My Story

My dream, as a young girl, was to become an artist. As you can see from some of my very first drawings, I knew drawing faces was in my future!

It took a long time for me to find my place in the 'art world' and it began by drawing portraits of anything and everything from pets and people to houses and cars.  I was thankful for the work but in my heart felt that my art was lacking purpose and direction.

Portrait Pricing.

Pricing may vary depending on the amount of detail requested and if different photos need to be combined.  


Please contact me for a final price quote

and any questions or concerns you may have.

 * Worldwide shipping *


  1. Please submit whatever photos you have of your child, either hospital photos, cell phone photos, etc.  along with any special requests for your portrait.  I understand with a sudden pregnancy or infant loss you may not have any photos at all.  In this case, a representation drawing can be created with the help of infant photos of the parents or siblings.  Please know there is often guesswork involved depending on the quality of the photos, the gestation, removal of tape/tubes, discoloration, etc.  I strive to see past the 'hurts' and draw your baby as if sleeping peacefully.  

  2. If adding living children, please submit photos that are clear and up close where I can clearly see the whites of the eyes.  Keep in mind, combining photos also requires guesswork in order to make it look like a captured moment in time.   When ordering, you understand that each drawing is a work of ART and is my artistic interpretation of your child(ren).  

  3. Once payment is received your portrait will be started.  Upon completion a preview will be emailed to your for your approval before shipment is made.  Each portrait is sprayed with a clear fixative to help prevent smudging and fading.  Custom framing and other display products are available to you. 

  4. Payment can be made by either check, money order or Paypal.  If you live within the US and submit payment by check or money order you will receive 2 - 5x7 gift prints along with your order.  If you live outside the US payment via Paypal is required and you will also receive 2 - 5x7 gift prints.

    ** Please be sure to contact me to discuss the details of your portrait, where to mail in payment 
    and for a final price quote including shipping.    Thank you!

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Art and healing.

Speciality Add On's



Baby Drawings

~ your portrait arrives ready to display  ~


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